Welcome to Lasercare

Breakdowns & Troubleshooting

Our engineers have many years of experience remotely assisting customers with troubleshooting a problem themselves, however some issues inevitably require a more hands on approach.

We know how important uptime is to our customers, and prioritise breakdown situations at any customer over routine maintenance work, but place extra emphasis on responding to customers who subscribe to our Preventative Maintenance program, which includes a discounted labor rate in breakdown situations.

Whatever the problem with your TRUMPF, we can usually schedule an engineer much faster than any of our competitors, including the OEM, and have an excellent record for solving problems quickly, professionally and effectively.

We do our level best to keep costs to a minimum, wherever practical by scheduling multiple jobs in the same area, passing the resultant savings onto our customers. All of our engineers' travel expenses are charged to the customer at cost, with no admin, handling or other fees added.

When attending a breakdown, our engineers not only benefit from the combined knowledge of our whole organization on the end of the phone, they are also able to access our specialized fault and service management database, allowing them to compare symptoms, readings and other information against records of other customers' machines which have experienced similar problems, as well as having access to your own machine's full service history with Lasercare at the touch of a button.

Like all successful businesses, we measure ourselves on results - we're confident that, if you are unfortunate enough to experience a breakdown then we can offer the best possible responsiveness and resolution at the minimum cost.