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Experts in TRUMPF Laser Decommission, Installation, Training and Relocation


The Lasercare team have the experience necessary to assist with all aspects of your machine installation, decommision and relocation requirements. Whether you have just purchased a used TRUMPF, you are preparing to attend an auction and need to know whether to bid on a machine because you have no idea what the installation costs will be, or are simply relocating an existing TRUMPF laser to a new location, we can offer a swift, professional and problem free service from start until finish.

We can assist you with identifying a suitable location for your machine, and provide you with the necessary specifications and advice to ensure correct siting. More often that not, used machines are sold without necessary parts that were sold with the machine initially by the manufacturer.  This can cause all sorts of issues when lifting/moving the complete system. Leave this headache to us!

We deal with specialist transportation and export packing companies on a daily basis, and are well positioned to assist you in finding an accurate and competitive quotation for any transport costs involved with your machine move.

In respect of Decommissions, our engineer will attend site and decommision the machine in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, before ensuring that all of the necessary transport preparations are made for safe transportation of the machine. We are then able to supervise loading of the machine onto your chosen transport if required, whether using your own lifting equipment or with the assistance of a specialist third party rigger.

Once all of the necessary services are available at the installation location, which again is part of the site preparation procedure we provide you with, our Engineers can talk to your electricians and suppliers to ensure your equipment is correctly set up prior to us arriving on site. Our engineers are able to oversee unloading if required, and precise positioning of your machine, before reassembling your machine at your chosen site, connecting the necessary services, and ensuring no transport damage has occured and that the machine is performing correctly.

We are then able to offer comprehensive operator training, working with your own applications, and advise your operators on correct procedures for day to day maintenance of the machine.

Our goal is to offer an end to end solution to all of your relocation requirements, and with over 2,000 successful installations under our belts we are confident you will not find a comparable level of service from any other independent provider.


 We can decommission and install your Trumpf L2503, L2503e, L2503ell, L3003, L2030, L2510, L3030, L3040, L3050, L3060, L4030, L4050, L5030, L5060 as well as 5 axis 105, 1005 and 7040.

Contact us today for a tailored quotation for decommission, installation and Operator training!