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Preventative Maintenance by Lasercare - making your TRUMPF work for your business

Lasercare's Preventative Maintenance Program offers a complete maintenance solution for TRUMPF Laser users.

By taking care of all your TRUMPF maintenance requirements, we enable our customers to focus on what they do best - running their businesses. A well maintained machine dramatically reduces the risk of unexpected downtime, and pays dividends by allowing you to supply your customers on time, every time.

TRUMPF Preventative MaintenanceAll of our customers benefit from our unrivalled experience with TRUMPF lasers, and our professional approach to maintenance. When servicing your machine, our engineers complete a detailed checklist which covers all of the OEM's requirements as well as additional points which have, over the years proved necessary. We then provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the condition of your machine, all work carried out, and inform you of any areas where attention is likely to be required in the near future. The documentation we provide enables you to keep accurate service records for your machine, as may be required by quality management systems whether your own, or your customer's.

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs are tailored to each customer's requirements, with the interval between visits being determined by each machine's usage as well as the competencies of any in house maintenance personnel your company may have. A typical schedule for customers running 5-10 shifts production per week is three Preventative Maintenance visits per year, but we have found that downturns in the economy have made it difficult for Customers to allocate funds for maintenance and service issues, so we have modified our scheduling to enable Customers to keep their machines on a reduced schedule, but maintain them with our full support.  We also contact other Customers in your area to enable us to keep travel expenses/hours low, we ask our Engineers to drive wherever possible and discount travel hours so costs are kept to an absolute minimum.  We need your business, as you much as you need our experience!

Customers who subscribe to our Preventative Maintenance Program also benefit from free of charge technical support (by phone / email / video link & instant chat), and reduced labor and travel rates in the event that they do require assistance between visits. We even include a complimentary consumables pack with every visit!

Contact Us today to discuss your Preventative Maintenance Requirements, we would be pleased to provide you with a tailored quotation for our services.